Women of Faith International 

We are women determined to reach our ultimate potential and destiny in Christ so we
can use our God-given gifts for His Glory.  We are empowered by the Holy Ghost and we love to share the 
good news of Jesus with others in our community.  
We walk united in faith and love, and believe there will be an awakening that will take place in our valley, 
as we keep our eyes upon Jesus, we look forward to His eminent return. 

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Finding Hope in this World of turmoil


We need to remember that the story doesn't end with Jesus’ death. He is currently in Heaven, in His resurrected body, and one day He will return. The resurrection of Jesus was an act of the supreme love of God.


Remember our identification is in who we are in Christ and His resurrection. The Bible tells us in John 14:12 that "the things Christ has done we can do, and greater than these we will do because He goes to the Father." The resurrection demonstrated Jesus’ victory over the power of death and confirmed there is life beyond the grave.


Jesus Christ offers us a "resurrection" power beyond ourselves that can make us alive; it empowers us to overcome the limitations of this realm with an infused ability, as we focus on the Spirit of power working within us.

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I hope you receive much insight and revelation as you discover the wholeness of what Jesus achieved for you and me in His death and resurrection.


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