Women of Faith International 

We are women determined to reach our ultimate potential and destiny in Christ so we
can use our God-given gifts for His Glory.  We are empowered by the Holy Ghost and we love to share the 
good news of Jesus with others in our community.  
We walk united in faith and love, and believe there will be an awakening that will take place in our valley, 
as we keep our eyes upon Jesus, we look forward to His eminent return. 

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You'r off to a New Start


This book has been written with the intention that it will be handed to new believers. Most new believers would not have a Bible, for this reason I have put together a collection of things that I feel are the fundamental basics that a person new to the faith needs to know.

Topics covered;

Now you are born again - what does that mean?

Be baptised

Why I need to be filled with the Holy spirit?

Why read my bible?

What is and how do I pray?

Why it is important to find a church

For every 25 bought you will receive five free.


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