Women of Faith International 

We are women determined to reach our ultimate potential and destiny in Christ so we
can use our God-given gifts for His Glory.  We are empowered by the Holy Ghost and we love to share the 
good news of Jesus with others in our community.  
We walk united in faith and love, and believe there will be an awakening that will take place in our valley, 
as we keep our eyes upon Jesus, we look forward to His eminent return. 

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How can I hear the voice of God


In this book I will endeavour to answer the question "How do I clearly hear the voice of God?".


People find it hard to tell the difference between the Holy Spirit and their own spirit or mind. I believe I have found the missing link, and as you read this book you will be shocked as I was to see how much information is in the Bible about hearing the voice of God.


For every 25 bought in one order you will receive five free copy.


This is also available as an Ebook for five dollars, the advantage is that you don't have to pay for postage.



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